Friday, December 28, 2007

Homework too Hard?

A made-up reader writes:

My child has been complaining about the quantity and complexity of his homework lately, and I'm beginning to sympathize. I mean, I'm not sure I could handle many of the subjects he's working on, and some of the teacher's requests (such as requests to memorize the multiplication tables up to 12) seem to be outdated. Don't we have calculators for these things?

The Reformed Boor answers:

Tables up to 12? That's nothing. Compare what your child's mind may be capable of (link). Of course, not every child that plays soccer ends up Pelee, not every child that plays football ends up Brett Favre, not every child that plays hockey ends up Wayne Gretsky, not every child that learns the piano ends up Mozart. There are exceptional people in every category of achievement, whether athletic, artistic, or intellectual. Nevertheless, you should encourage your child to try to excel, working unto God in all that they do.

Or consider this remarkable (and completely different) achievement (link).


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